• Title I schools (and others upon consideration) may apply for scholarships to cover the costs of programming provided by The Muse.
  • Scholarship funds are limited and may not always be available.
  • Please complete this application for scholarship funds at least 8 weeks in advance of your desired program.
  • Please allow 1 week for processing of your application.
  • Scholarships awarded may cover all or part of your program fees.

Title I schools not covered by scholarship will qualify for the following discount program:
   For Field Trips
  • A discounted rate is available, please call 865-594-1494, Opt. 2 for information.
  • Please mention your Title I status when scheduling your program.
  • A field trip student group may include up to 25 students.
  • Up to 3 groups can be accommodated at once.
   For Outreach
  • Discounts can be applied to all classes except the Mobile Planetarium and Bioenergy Basics (limited discount available for these special programs).
  • Outreach programs are for a single classroom group (max 20 for pre-K, max 25 for K-3, max 30 for 4-6).
  • Email for discount information.
   Important Info
  • Discounted field trips are not available during our peak demand months (March and April).
  • Discounted field trips and outreach classes may only be scheduled within 30 days of the day of the trip or class.
  • Availability is limited. (Note: Knox County Schools policy requires 15 days’ notice for field trips to museums.)

Title I schools may always schedule field trips and outreach at regular rates if these limitations are prohibitive.

Any group or individual may SPONSOR a scholarship for educational programming through our MUSE FOR ALL program.
Please email to inquire about how your donation and sponsorship may be recognized.