Experience STEAM Sprouts--Muse Field Trips, Outreach, and other programs just for preschoolers.


Enjoy a story, a special craft project, and sensory activities. 10:00am at the Muse Stage.
FREE with admission, donations welcome.  

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Note: We are open for limited hours on Mondays from 9am-12pm and do not schedule large groups on this day.
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Enjoy our special STEAM Sprouts programming at The Muse the last Friday of the month at 10:00am.
FREE with admission, donations welcome.  

Check out our CALENDAR for this month's class description!

See a description of some of our STEAM Sprouts programs below.
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Round and Round it Goes
Age 2-3 (20 min) or age 4-5 (40 min)
Learn how plants and animals change as they grow, just like you!

Shake, Rattle and Roll
Age 2-3 (20 min)
Explore motion and forces using balls and your body.  There is a short story time, music and an assortment of balls with simple directions.

Ramps, Slides and Pathways
Age 4-5 (40 min)
In this introduction to gravity, force and motion, children design experiments to study the movement of objects on ramps, slides and pathways.

3, 2, 1 … Blast Off!
Age 4-5 (40 min)
Discover how space is different from Earth, and explore the Earth/Moon/Sun system.

Fairy Tale Engineering
Age 4-5 (40 min)
Connect with a character from children’s literature who solves a problem. Explore different materials and build a prototype!

What’s the BUZZ about Coding?
Age 4-5 (40 min)
Explore the basics of robotics and coding with games and BeeBot, the programmable robot for kids! This class requires open floor space for each student group.

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All programs support the Tennessee Early Learning Developmental Standards. 
To schedule your program or for more information, contact the Muse at 865-594-1494 or .

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