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Aug. 8 - Meet the Teacher
Aug. 15 -
First Day of Classes
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Last Day of Classes

Meet the Teacher:  For any students new to The Muse or class groups in general, join us for an introduction to people, places, and practices. Parents may attend.
Solar Eclipse: Two weeks. Week one includes how to safely view the eclipse, making a pinhole viewer, and experimenting with the science surrounding an eclipse. Week two will include watching footage of the eclipse from NASA in the planetarium and discussing what we here in Tennessee were able to see of the eclipse.
Gravity and Other Forces: Two weeks. Week one includes experiments with gravity using a Slinky and other objects. During week two, we will investigate forces with toy cars, rubber bands, and water.
Plants and Animals and the Earth: Three weeks. In week one, students will compare how plants and animals are the same and different in the ways they look and behave. Week two will compare young animals to adults of the same species and  learn what characteristics are inherited. Week three will explore how animals adapt to the different environments on the Earth and explore the diversity of animal homes.
Physical Science: Two weeks. Week one will explore the mass and volume of different liquids and solids. During week two, we will experiment with light waves and shadows.
Halloween Science: One week. On Halloween, we will perform all kinds of candy related experiments!
Weather and Winter: Five weeks. First, learn about different types of weather and what causes our changing seasons. Then, begin a study of cold weather, including the changing seasons, frost and ice, animals that hibernate and those that don't, ways to help animals in cold weather. Students will even become snow scientists!

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  • Parents must check students in and out in person.
  • A late fee of $5 plus $1 per minute will be added if pickup is 10 minutes late.
  • Families with fees due will not be permitted into their next class.